What streets are being proposed for change?

    Elsegood Avenue, Hammond Road and Wardanup Cresent.

    Why are these changes being proposed?

    Emergency Service providers have identified that uncontrolled parking on roadways in Yallingup will hamper response vehicles from gaining access to homes and the surrounding bushland in the event of an emergency.

    If the proposal is endorsed, will signage be placed along the road?

    Yes, 'No Stopping Zone' signage will be installed as well as roadway markings consistent with the relevant Australian Standard.

    Will fines be associated with illegal parking along these streets?

    The standard fine of $50 will apply to anyone parking in a 'no stopping' zone. The City may, however, consider issuing warnings instead of fines in some instances.

    As a resident will I be allowed to park on the verge outside my property even if my property is located on the western side of the street?

    Residents on either side of the road will still be able to park on the verge area at the front of their property if it is physically possible to do so. However, parking on the actual road will only be permissible on the eastern side (the upslope side) of the road.

    Will my visitors be allowed to park on my verge and the street outside my house?

    Your visitors can park on the verge outside your property with your permission. If these proposed changes are introduced, visitors will only be able to park on the street on the eastern side of the street.

    Will this change see vehicles belonging to people not attached to my household parking on my verge?

    Vehicles can only park on the verge outside your property if they have your permission. Without this permission the owner of a vehicle which parks on your verge can be fined $50.

    How often will Rangers visit to enforce the caution?

    Rangers undertake regular patrols throughout the District, including Yallingup, but are often required to respond to urgent matters that can affect the regularity of patrols.

    Where can I access a questionnaire?

    Hard copy questionnaires are available at the Customer Service Centre (28 Peel Terrace Busselton) and the Busselton and Dunsborough Library. Completed surveys can be dropped off at these locations.