FAQs (Road renaming in Vasse)

    What roads are proposed to be renamed?

    Two roads are proposed to be renamed:

    • An approximate 1.5km section of Vasse-Yallingup Siding Road from ‘Old’ Bussell Highway to Commerce Road, and
    • An approximate 2km section of the ‘Old’ Bussell Highway south of the Busselton Bypass and through the Vasse village.

    Due to the road layout, four new names are required for the roads proposed to be renamed.

    For more information, please refer to 'Map of roads proposed to be renamed'.

    Why change the road names?

    The proposal to rename the roads has been prompted by the realignment of the ‘Bussell Highway’ around the Vasse Development.

    The Council has determined that the new section of highway should be named ‘Bussell Highway’.  This means that the ‘Old’ Bussell Highway through the Vasse village will require renaming.

    Vasse-Yallingup Siding Road is proposed to be renamed as the road has been split into two distinct sections, separated by the new highway. The new highway intersects with Vasse-Yallingup Siding Road at a T-junction (and not a cross-road).

    What is the ‘Vasse Development’?

    The ‘Vasse Development’ or ‘Vasse Newtown Development’ is a substantial development within the localities of Vasse and Kealy that is continuing to create residential, education, commercial, light industrial, public purpose and recreational lots of land.

    A Development Guide Plan as endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission is guiding the development as it progresses in stages, over several years.

    What has happened to the ‘Bussell Highway’?

    The ‘Bussell Highway’ has been realigned around the Vasse Development.

    It now extends in a westerly direction from the Busselton Bypass / Bussell Highway roundabout for approximately 1.5km. The new highway then heads in a southerly direction for approximately 1.6km where it intersects with the ‘old’ Bussell Highway.

    Several roads intersect with or are planned to intersect with the new section of highway.

    • ‘Coomidup Boulevard’ will provide access to the new village centre
    • ‘Mackerel Avenue’ presently provides access to residential and recreational lots
    • ‘Lynwood Street’ will provide access to the business park
    • ‘Vasse-Yallingup Siding Road’ extends west from the new highway towards Marybrook.

    Why does Vasse-Yallingup Siding Road need two names?

    There are no immediate plans but sometime in the future, Vasse Yallingup Siding Road will be closed permanently between Lynwood Street and Harlequin Boulevard. The closed section of road will then be integrated into a future residential zone.

    When the section of road just described is closed in the future, Vasse-Yallingup Siding Road will be separated into two parts. The first part between Lynwood Street and Commerce Road is already part of the Vasse Business Park (light industrial area) and will remain. The second part from Harlequin Boulevard to the ‘Old’ Bussell Highway passes through an education zone.  This is shown on the Development Guide Plan for the Vasse Development

    It makes sense to rename the two parts of the road now, rather than assign one name now and rename part of it again in the future.

    What’s planned for the ‘Old’ Bussell Highway?

    The northern end of the ‘Old’ Bussell Highway will remain part of the Vasse village centre, albeit an expanded village centre. But as the road extends south, it will pass through future commercial, education and residential zones, and will become a 'built-up' area.

    Can we choose any name?

    All public roads are named through Landgate Geographic Names under delegation from the Minister for Lands, on the advice of local government.

    Landgate Geographic Naming operates according to the ‘Policies and Standards for Geographical Naming in Western Australia’, which defines a set of standards for the naming of roads and other geographic features and places

    Example naming policies that apply to roads are:

    • prepositions (such as ‘about’, ‘between’ or ‘near’ must not be used (policy 1.3.3)
    • hyphens (to connect parts of names) and the word ‘and’ must not be used (policy 1.3.8)
    • commemorative names must not be used to commemorate victims of accidents or tragedies (policy 1.4)
    • road names must not be duplicated within a local government area, including names that are similar in sound (policy 2.3)
    • road names should not include a second name to form a double-barrelled name the road type (e.g. ‘Avenue’ or ‘Street’) must be chosen from a list defined in Australian Standards (policy 2.2.2)