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A Busselton performing arts centre, with the proposed location and costs, has lots of issues.

by Concerned ratepayer,

So, some Busselton residents want a performing arts centre - how many? Some want it in the middle of the cultural precinct between the Weld Theatre and the art gallery - how many? I have many issues about this project and the Council's push to steamroll this project ahead. For example, the location is wrong - the Council talks about future city growth but this site will not allow for any further expansion. It's the wrong location! Parking - totally lacking. Add the congestion from the hotels and brewery, plus restaurants and it's going to be a nightmare of traffic. Costs - these keep rising, then falling but whatever the final figure MIGHT be, it will still involve extensive borrowings which we, the ratepayers, will pay for. Along with the expected but unknown operating losses, we will pay with ever increasing rates. Timing - this is a time when people and businesses are suffering from the effects of COVID-19. The Council should have priorities aimed more at helping the community, not large-scale capital works of dubious consequences. Lack of consultation and transparency - who is being consulted, what is going on, how much will this all cost etc etc? How is this 'thing' going to help local shops, businesses, increase the vibrancy of the town, as claimed? We might need a PAC but not now, not there and not at that price!

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