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Future expansion and Car parking


Why were the ratepayers denied a say in the location of BEACH and how will this facility cater for future expansion when we outgrow it? Residents live directly behind?? 

The main problem is car parking and that’s because there isn’t any. Temporary parking on signal park is irrelevant and not a long term fix to the problem. In Summer the overflow parking there is already full. It’s pretty disgraceful seeing our beautiful public parks being destroyed and parked on. We lost Jetty parking with the new brewery and now we will lose more on the hotel site. All those patrons will need to park somewhere too!
Let’s go back to the drawing board and find a more suitable site that can accommodate 200 bays out the front of the building. 
Saying there are 2000 bays within 500 metres is ludicrous. Are they all day parking? No they’re not. Some are for only 15 mins and I’m sure everyone will feel their car is safe parking it down some side street or shopping car park.. 
Next time you go to work, instead of parking out the back or the block next door, park at Coles and walk over the Vasse River to the City office building. If it’s still there or hasn’t been broken in to then consider yourself lucky. 

It’s time the Councillors and City staff listened to the community on this issue, including your former mayor, Councillors and our member for Vasse Libby Mettam and hold off on the project for now.

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