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Venue Technical Specifications

by Mflower0 ,

Hello venue architects,

 I am interested in some of the technical features of the building. The budget for technical equipment ($795 000) seems quite low, considering thats performing arts in the primary purpose of the venue. 

I don't expect answers to these questions, It's just some considerations that will make future venue technicians lives easier. 


- Will the lighting fixtures be all LED or a mixture of generics and LED's
- Will the lighting rig be accessible by a catwalk and will their be an elevated work platform budgeted for for accessing lights over the stage. 
- Will a professional lighting console be budgeted for. (MA 2, Hog 4, ETC?)
- Will their be provision for two follow spots with suitable locations to position them. 
- Will their be budget for lighting fixtures to be used on stage?
- Will their be budget for intelligent /moving lights?
- Will their be DMX's patching on stage for light fixtures?
- Will there budget for DMX hazers?
- Will their be lighting booms (on wheels) for side lighting fixtures on stage?

- What audio system will be used in the auditorium? Will it be a line array?
- Is their provision for delay speakers throughout the auditorium?
- Is their provision for infill speakers along the front edge of stage?
- Is their provision for monitor speakers for performers on stage?
- Will their be a dedicated Amplifier room?
- Will their be a Dante audio network throughout the venue, linking Mixers, I/O and speakers.
- Will the venue have a suitable stock of microphones, stands and DI Boxes to mic up large ensembles / bands?
- Will a large format front of house digital audio console be budgeted for. (Avid S6L, A&H D Live, etc)
- Will a Digital monitor audio console be budgeted for? 
- Has a dedicated audio computer (Mac) been budgeted for, for playback of audio cues or recording from the front of house mixing console? (Software such as Qlab or Ableton)
- Will their be provision for a digitally controlled audio matrix system to control audio in foyers/ function rooms as well as green rooms / dressing rooms?
- Will their be dedicated stage over mics to feed the show relay audio?
- Will the front of house audio console be outside of the control room so that the operator can hear the room?
- Will their be appropriate patch points for both Audio and Lighting consoles to be set up in the middle of the raked stalls seating, particularly for live music / musical theatre performances when the audio technician needs to accurately mix microphones on stage? 

- Will their be provision for an LED Screen / Cyclorama.
- Will their be a large projector, suitable for filling the entire Cyclorama
- Has a vision switcher been budgeted for?
- Has a dedicated vision computer been budgeted for?

- Has a comms / wireless comms system been budgeted for? ( e.g Riedel)
- Will their be a fly rail system above the stage for scenery, to hang lighting fixtures or speakers?

- Will a hearing assist loop be installed?
- Will their be show relay tv monitors in foyers, rehearsal rooms, green rooms, function spaces, etc?
- Will their be a dedicated Stage Managers desk backstage for someone to call a theatre show?
- Will their be a tarkett to cover the stage for dance performances?
- Will their be full hight loading dock doors and backstage areas to allow tall set pieces to be moved on an off stage?
- Will their be suitable (removable) stage 'legs' hung from a fly rail system?
- Will their be suitable technical storage areas for lights, cables, rigging equipment, speakers, projectors, monitor audio consoles, lecterns, etc?
- Will the backstage storage areas be temperature / humidity controlled for storage or instruments such as strings and percussions?
- Will the venue have a grand piano?
- Will their be sufficient room for large set pieces to be moved from one side stage to the other behind the cyclorama? 
- Will the back wall of the auditorium be acoustically treated?

I hope these items may be taken into consideration when designing the technical systems for the venue. 

They can often be the difference between a good venue and a great venue!

I look forward to the completion of a well designed performing arts venue which will stand the test of time. 

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