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Naming the performing arts centre

by Roslyn Happ,

The Name?

I am going to try ‘The Geo Entertainment Centre’.

We already have ‘Art Geo’ which is a great brand.  It rolls off the tongue and has stuck.  Geo is a short ‘funky’ name a bit like ‘Mona’.  

It puts it squarely in ‘the Art Geo Space’.  

It belongs to ‘Geographe Bay’ .... which you are trying to depict in the design.

It is like the Beach ... but better!

It sounds interesting but not too posh

Everyone understands ‘entertainment’


‘G’ .... the sound .... Joyful, jester, jovial, generous, gentle, jampact, jolly, 


‘E’ ... exciting, entertaining, excellent, empathy, 


‘O’ ... Oh!, opera, obo, ode, ochre, olé, Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy!  

People don't mind saying 'the Perth entertainment Centre'.  It doesn't need to be short!  Try it out .... where is it being held?   "At the Geo entertainment Centre!"



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