What are the details of the pop up stalls and what will be included for operators to use?

    ·  Each stall is approximately 3mx3m in size with a 360 degree look through and will be fitted with plumbing (including 1x wash basin) and 4x 250V 15amp GPO power outlets and lighting. There is no provision for a grease trap.

    ·  Each stall will be secure and fitted with locks

    What are the requirements of stall operators?

    ·  To obtain adequate insurance for goods in stall area.

    ·  Stall operators are responsible for their own staffing arrangements

    ·  Stall operators are responsible for taking their rubbish at the end of each day.

    ·  Stall operators are required to maintain minimum opening hours

    ·  Stall operators are responsible for obtaining their own public liability insurance and proof of this is required when the appropriate licence or permit arrangement is issued.

    How many stalls will be constructed and available for use?

    ·  The City has commissioned six (6) stalls to be constructed and installed on the Busselton Foreshore between the Equinox and the new Foreshore Playground.