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How can we do business better in the City of Busselton?

by Meredith, 21 Nov 2016

The City of Busselton and surrounding economies are transitioning into a more globally connected economy. Tourism growth, increasing investment, improved transport and communication links and an expanding demographic, are already driving local business and providing new opportunities. Sustainable and responsible growth is at the core of our collective objectives - we want to see greater diversity of employment opportunities.  What steps are you, as a business operator, taking to prepare for this transition?  Do you have a plan in place to capitalize on these new opportunities? How can we work together to achieve a stronger, more focussed, and more globally connected economy?

We had a very comprehensive discussion in our Forum on Tuesday. Around 40 people participated in the discussion and we were able to start our discussion about how to found a movement for building better business within a context of the local economy.

The Mayor invited everybody to join in a discussion that would lead us into new and energised collaboration.  His welcome address is attached to this site.

The City of Busselton provided a background to the strategies of planning for growth and economic development.

Facilitator Alison Dalziel took the group through a series of sessions including a workshop with several exercises.

Ryan Victa from the Department of Regional Development foreshadowed the Regional Centres Development Program and explained how regional communities were now able to prepare themselves to be more entrepreneurial and proactive - setting priorities and offering a more systematic and reasoned series of economic development steps.

The stage is set for some engaged and innovative proposals to emerge - to reinvigorate our local economy and build better business in the City of Busselton. 

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