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How do we add life to the Busselton and Dunsborough CBDs?

25 Nov 2016

Shop related businesses rely upon people to access their premises to buy goods and services.

Research from Melbourne indicates that streets with high numbers of pedestrians and cyclists also have higher retail turnovers. The City of Vincent has followed this lead by introducing improvements to shopping streets that encourage pedestrians and cyclists. Through traffic is being diverted and parking areas re-designed to share road space with pedestrians, cyclists and trees.

Activities and 'hang-out' spaces are being developed and for the past five years the City of Vincent has grown its reputation for creating inviting streets for business and leisure.  

Some members of our community are less reliant on cars for access and mobility.  The young and the old people in our community need safe and accessible pavements, direct routes and shaded places to sit and rest.

The National Heart Foundation is seeking partners for their Healthy Active By Design program - this aims to make our cities more conducive to walking and cycling to address the national obesity epidemic.

Considering Busselton and Dunsborough and our future growth, how suitable is our CBD for our diversifying population? Do we need Healthy Active By Design streets?

What do you think about this?

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