What happens after the trial has concluded?

    The Public Transport Authority (PTA) will review the trial at the end of the period, and depending on patronage numbers, will choose to extend or cancel the service. Using public transport in place of driving reduces traffic congestion, and at the same time allows bus patrons time to read, listen to music and relax on their way to work!

    What is the bus route?

    The bus route can be viewed via the PTA website by clicking here

    How much will the bus cost me?

    Fares for travel – Dunsborough to Busselton trial route no 815.

    Zone 1 (eg Abbey) $3.10 cash, $2.48 smartrider on autoload

    Zone 2 (eg Siesta park) $4.70 cash, $3.76 smartrider on autoload

    Zone 3 (Dunsborough) $5.60 cash, $4.48 smartrider on autoload

    Is there parking facilities near the bus stops?

    Free parking is available for park and ride commuters, at the overflow parking on Chieftan Crescent Dunsborough.

    Why should I catch the bus instead of driving?

    Because substituting public transport for private car use has a range of benefits for individuals, including reduced fuel costs and reduced vehicle running costs. It's good for your hip pocket and good for the environment!

    What are the times of the new proposed bus service?

    The trial bus service would be scheduled to leave Dunsborough at 7:38am, arriving in Busselton at approximately 8:15am. The return journey would be scheduled to leave Busselton at 5:15pm and arrive in Dunsborough at approximately 6:00pm.