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More needs to be taken into consideration!

by Sarahrf,

I ask the council:

Have you even considered 'bump in' and 'bump out'? what about equipment?, time is money- what if they can't afford to hire the venue a whole 2hours before the show starts and a whole 2hours after just so they can bring everything required into and out of the building. You can't/ won't be able to just take it through the front of the building;1. The doors won't be big enough2. It will disrupt the audience, not to mention start times, finish times etc of performances, shows etc. 3. The vehicles have no way of holding space close enough to the building without disrupting structure or traffic4. The potential heaviness of equipment and props and scenery of productions have higher chance of damage or personal injury with a massive amount to walk/carry from the front all the way to the back of the stage- is there even space to hold it? what about prop and scenery change during a show?- and what about personnel? what if there's only two men or one person having to do this job?

I have so many issues with this so called 'forward thinking' building, it seriously needs to be considered more and more industry people, and even potential occupants of local performances need to be asked and considered. Contemporary artists, not just the stereotypical performers and disciplines, but the out of the box thinkers and innovators in arts and entertainment today.

For example what about contemporary performance art? what if the audience could be within the show, or the requirement of the show is for the audience to be seated in a different arrangement or even on the floor? don't even get me started on the quality of the actual stage- it needs to be considerate of high quality physical theatre and dance performances- you cant just jump on wood- it will cause physical damage to people and then there a whole law suit! if they're going to do it- it needs to be done right the first time! including all of the technical equipment, not to mention the infrastructure for forward thinking use of lights, aerial- can the venue even support these types of shows? what about ceiling hight for circus performances? what about acoustics for music concerts with a variety of band equipment and high-tech sound equipment required? or even small performances or singer song writers? what about operas that are needing a whole orchestra sound pit? so the show can occur with live sound? and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

And how about the venue hire? for local artists as well large performance groups? and the cost!? government/council assistance so local performances can put performances on in there? especially graduates from WAAPA and the like so they can perform without the expenses of a theatre such BREC or WA Theatre Centre but with the quality stage and audience takings?

Have they even considered dressing room space and rehearsal rooms? what if there are two shows happening at the same time- the Weld Theatre centre and the Entertainment centre? not to mention the sound proofing from the audience and stage and access to the stage! if you were to put on an opera for example- the costumes need a lot of space, let alone the approximate 300 performance, cast and crew. then the rehearsal space and sound consideration to be rehearsing 'act 2' backstage while act one is performing.

Have you looked at already existing performance spaces that you can create in a multifunction performance space so it can act like the 'RAC Arena' within the performing arts and cultural arts sector- such as the Studio Underground, Heath Ledger Theatre? The BREC is outdated for performance art of the now and performance art of the future, it can't just be a venue that limits the potential of entertainment being performed by a traditional centre with 'extra' add ons. THAT IS NOT THE POINT of the venue, is it? if you want locals, national and even interstate artists/performers/entertainers etc to come to this town- it needs to offer a facility that provides better function and quality than the building's built before.

Have you considered PICA? The Blue Room Theatre centre? etc.

Honestly it is extremely disappointing to see such a potential of a building to liven the Performing arts sector up and potentially give a venue for small to large local to international artists and variety of performers to be thrown away by not considering the up and coming generation of artists. have you even asked local performing arts graduates? aspiring school graduates of performing arts? kids with dreams of becoming a 'dancer', an 'actor', a 'circus performer', a musician, comedian, singer songwriter etc etc. perhaps a way to bring 'life' into the building is to ask toddlers who are dreaming of the future with vivid imaginations of what they want the venue to be and take it into practical consideration and obviously recognise whats practical and possible and whats just imaginable, but I bet it will give you a lot of ideas. as well as adolescence, young adults- the local artists performing around Busselton, the dance schools etc.  

This is way to outdated to be a venue worth putting in such a fortune to build, we can do better! and the location is terrible! what about the residence behind and surrounding this venue? go door knocking and ask every single person what they think of it! tell them about the cars coming and going, the sound of the venue, the trucks, the people, the shows etc, the lights and visual effects of the outside of the building, the audio effects, the enthusiasm and excitement of patrons, the lack of access to their own houses, going to and from the local shops and restaurants etc you're not considering how it is going to impact the lives of those who will most definitely be affected. what about the food outlets- will they be informed prior to the event so they can be efficiently staffed and have supplies? will they be open before and after shows? what about access to the locals if most of the patrons are coming from external suburbs or cities?

Building an Arts and Entertainment centre in this part of town is going to cause more havoc and chaos than you have considered. It's just not good enough. the past decade of thinking and planning this building is a whole century outdated for what this venue needs to be created for. have you even gone to any art performances in WA? I bet if you chose 10 shows of each discipline- dance (classical, contemporary, ballroom, modern, burlesque, circus among many others!) musical theatre, acting, physical theatre, performing arts theatre, cultural performances, musicians, operas, etc etc. you would reconsider the functionality of this plan.

I am 100% for building an entertainment centre, as a local artist myself, recent graduate of WAAPA, I want to be able to hold shows and events here, however the current structure of this venue rules me out of my innovative and out of the box vision for what I want to create, besides am I even going to be able to afford the stage space if I am a one man show? or a group as little as 3?

I'm looking forward to how you will consider this for the planning of this building, and your reply. 

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