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Use and (supposed) financial benefits to the community

by RhondaS,

It was been widely said that the schools in the area need such a building for their purposes such as presentation nights, school concerts, etc.  Has the Education Department offered to fund a share of this cost to provide for their students?  I think not.

Visitors and tourism – it has also been said that this centre will attract tourists to town.  I strongly dispute this assumption.  Why would anyone want to drive three hours, more or less, to see a show that they can most likely see either in their own area or in the metropolitan area.  I seriously can’t see entertainment acts coming to Busselton’s centre that aren’t already being shown in other localities of the state.  Locals yes, that would be great, but tourists?  I don’t believe this would be a tourist attraction of any great scale.  This building is not unique - it would not be the only entertainment building in the state or even the south of the state.  What could offer would most likely be available anywhere else in the state and at this current time to most tourists, road travel is the only option to visit the area.

An exception to this is of course CinefestOz and to be honest this event is already being diluted with parts of the event being held in Bunbury, Margaret River, Augusta and now I believe Albany?  For CinefestOz we already have a fully functioning movie theatre in Busselton, privately owner and operated without direct cost to the community.  As a private enterprise and business in this, and been so for a long time, this could seriously have severe consequences their livelihood.

What Busselton needs to attract tourists is something unique and an entertainment centre is not unique.

Because this shows my username I wish this comment to be under my own name of Rhonda Stubbs

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