What will the operating hours of the new Café be?

    Opening hours are 7am to 8pm and the number of ‘Business type after hours events’ will be set at no more than 24 each year; no weddings, 21st or 18th birthday parties will be permissible.

    How many people will the new Café seat?

    The Café will seat 120 patrons.

    What is being done to mitigate noise and potential antisocial behaviour associated with the facility?

    This has been considered by the City carefully. The agreed operating hours and function restrictions in regard to the number and types of functions allowed, will help mitigate noise and the likelihood of anti-social behaviour. The Café has mainly day trading hours - it will not be a late night venue.

    When will the development start and how long will the construction period be?

    This development start date is unknown and will largely depend on the parliamentary process and associated time frames.  Once a sublease is finalised between the City and the Developer a Development Application will need to submitted and processed.  Pending the outcomes of these processes, it is anticipated that the building construction period will be up to 12 months.

    Where will everyone visiting the Café park their cars?

    There are currently 15 informal car parking bays in the immediate vicinity. Revitalisation of this foreshore area includes provision of additional car parking bays including disabled parking. However, we envisage many Café patrons will access the facility on foot or bicycle, hence the improvement of the existing dual use pathway system.

    What will happen to the existing dual use pathway?

    In order to facilitate the Café development the existing bike path will be realigned. The new alignment will keep cyclists way from vehicles and improve public safety.  A new bike rack will be provided further encouraging cycling as a preferred mode of transport.

    Will we lose our public ablution block?

    The development will include new toilets and showers open to members of the public. The old ablution block, which has not been upgraded in many years, will be incorporated into the Café build to be converted into storage space for alfresco equipment.

    Will the development impact on the fragile dunes and coastline?

    The City and the Developer have undertaken a Coastal Hazard Mitigation Study for the area. Information contained in the study has been provided to the Department of Lands, Planning and Heritage. The City will work closely with the developer to monitor this matter for the term of the lease.

    Will the design / development be environmentally friendly?

    Environmental considerations have been included in the design elements of the proposed Café. All required approvals will need to be in place prior to construction.

    Where can I access information regarding Council decision making in relation to this development?

    At its Council Meeting on 27 June 2018, Council endorsed the draft concept designs of the Dunsborough Foreshore Café as a guide for further design development, This report is contained in the project library.

    The Council Minutes from May 2018 and June reports 2018, which relate to the proposed development, are also contained in the project page library.