Why are we embarking on a CBD revitalisation project?

    The Busselton CBD is the place where residents and visitors come to shop, meet friends and family, dine out and visit for entertainment! Our current CBD footpaths are in places, uneven, showing damage from tree roots and showing their age!

    The revitalisation of both the footpaths throughout the CBD and the Mitchell Park upgrade, along with the new Busselton Central Shopping Centre redevelopment will noticeably improve the look and feel of our town centre and result in a shopping precinct that is appealing and vibrant, as the City has done so in recent years in the Dunsborough CBD.  

    Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our economy and local businesses. The CBD revitalisation project will be supporting our local suppliers and contractors through tenders and add vibrancy into our town centre for our local shop owners as we emerge from the effects of the pandemic.    

    How much will it cost?

    The project is being funded through the Australian Government Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program to the value of $962,000 which is part of the Australian Government’s COVID-19 support package for local economies and communities. T

    When will the works commence and how will it be staged?

    The CBD footpath pavement replacement project will commence in September/ October 2020 and the works will be completed in stages.

    More detail on the proposed stages will be provided once  feedback from CBD businesses has been received. An outline of the indicative stages is provided below, however, these may be subject to change based upon ongoing liaison with businesses and contractor availability.

    2020/21 Financial Year

    Stage 1A encompasses Queen Street, from Adelaide Street to Kent Street on both the eastern and westerns sides of Queen Street (Note: the section of paving alongside Mitchell Park may be deferred until the Mitchell Park upgrade project earmarked for March 2021).

    Stage 1B: Queen Street from Kent Street to Albert Street on both the Eastern and Westerns sides of Queen Street.

    Stage 1C: Prince Street from Busselton Central Shopping Centre to the Australia Post Shop corner

    Future Financial Years (subject to future budget allocations)

    2022/23 Stage 2: Duchess Street from West Street to Cammilleri Street

    2023/24 Stage 3: Adelaide Street and West Street

    2024/25 Stage 4: West Street from Bussell Highway to Adelaide Street

    The Mitchell Park upgrade project is due to commence in March 2021 and the City will conduct further public engagement for this project.

    Will I lose access to my shop front on Queen Street during the works?

    Access to shop fronts are planned to be blocked off at night only when the works are taking place. Where works (if required) can only be done during the day, the City will contact those Business / Property Owners before the works commence to discuss this.

    Will there be interruptions to services?

    No, there are no planned interruptions to power or communications (NBN) as a result of the works.

    Will the parking spaces outside my shop be blocked off?

    Some parking bays may be temporarily unavailable as they will be used for storage for materials for the works. Businesses will be informed if parking bays adjacent to their shop fronts are going to be used for this purpose.

    Will there be road closures during the works?

    There may need to be some road closures during the works. However, the works are planned to be carried out during the night this should not impact businesses. If there needs to be road closures during the day, for example for delivery of equipment or materials or to complete specific sections of Queen Street, businesses will be contacted prior to this happening. Traffic management will be in place to minimise any disruption to access to Queen Street.

    As a business owner who can I contact for more information?

    For any questions, comments or concerns please contact the City at city@busselton.wa.gov.au your enquiry will be forwarded to the correct Officer within the City.  

    What will happen to the old red brick paving?

    Some of the red brick pavers will be kept as spares until all the footpaths have been replaced. The remaining red brick pavers will be available in pallets for local residents to purchase.