Why is the construction of a 25m swimming pool at the Naturaliste Community Centre not recommended as a priority?

    The need for a 25m swimming pool has been assessed against projected potential usage, industry trends and the changing demographic implications of the City. Any future infrastructure development needs to be prioritised in accordance with the potential capital and ongoing operational costs to the City. The need for a 25m swimming pool at the Naturaliste Community Centre cannot currently be justified based on current and projected future population growth. If Council were to consider a 25m pool at the Naturaliste Community Centre there would need to be a considerable increase in subsidy to operate such a facility which would most likely place a burden on ratepayers above what is seen to be reasonable in the circumstances. Instead a programmable water space with limited lap swimming capability is recommended which could potentially cater for fitness, learn to swim lessons and rehabilitation and generate enough income to maintain the subsidy per user at an acceptable level to the user and ratepayer.

    Why is a relocation of the Dunsborough library from the Naturaliste Community Centre to another site proposed?

    The current usage of library within the Naturaliste Community Centre is compromised by a lack space and it is recommended the library be increased in size.  Moving the library out of the NCC could potentially free up the existing library space for alternative income generating activities such as a gymnasium and/or an additional multi-purpose function room. Relocation could potentially provide a bigger library co located with a City of Busselton service centre within or in close proximity to the town site.